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Athletics/Special Events

Ms. K. Hammonds - Cheer Coach 

Main Office   (973) 321-1000 Ext. 20692 


 Mr. L. "Sweets" Mattiex - Basketball Coach



Mr. D. Hillman - Physical Education/Health Teacher  (973) 321-1000  Ext. 20657



Mr. J. Pena -  Physical Education/Health Teacher

(973) 321-1000 Ext. 20657



Reading and Balling with the MSU Red Hawks:

Reading with the MSU Red Hawks!

Reading with the MSU Red Hawks!

Senator Frank Lautenberg School, Montclair State University Basketball Team Join Forces for Literacy Initiative


PATERSON, NJ - Senator Frank Lautenberg School is partnering with the Men's Basketball Program at Montclair State University (MSU) for the "Reading with the Red Hawks" initiative. The program aims to foster a love for reading among elementary school students by having MSU basketball players read to them and generously donating books to the school.

“Children really respond to being read to,” Superintendent of Paterson Public Schools Dr. Laurie Newell said. “It’s a great way for young learners to develop a love for the kind of storytelling that can only be experienced through a book. Our younger students at Senator Frank Lautenberg School are fortunate to have the “Reading with the Red Hawks” program. Although the benefit of the initiative is meant for our students, I’m sure the players of the Montclair State University basketball team will also enjoy their time reading to them as well.”

Under the partnership, MSU basketball players will regularly visit Senator Frank Lautenberg School to engage with elementary school students through reading. This interactive and personal approach is designed not only to enhance literacy skills but also to inspire a sense of excitement and curiosity about learning.

As part of their commitment to the initiative, the MSU Men's Basketball Program will also donate books to Senator Frank Lautenberg School in an effort to enrich the school's library and provide additional resources to support ongoing literacy initiatives.

Ms. Brooks' 4th graders!

Ms. Brooks' 4th  graders!

We love to read!

Ms. Brooks' 4th  graders!
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SFLS Stallions January Basketball Schedule!

jan bb


                                Wins: 3   Loses: 2

Game 1,  Dec. 1st

SFLS: 33 (W)  vs. School 13: 29 (L)

Game 2,  Dec. 11th

SFLS: 9 (L) vs. School 24: 17 (W)

Game 3, Dec 13th:

SFLS: 33 (W) vs. School 25: 10 (L)

Game 4, Jan. 3rd:

SFLS: 45 (W) vs. School 9: 10 (L)

Game 5, Jan. 8th:

SFLS: 28 (L) vs. NRC: 33 (W)


Balling with the MSU Red Hawks!


Montclair State and the SFLS  Basketball Team !

Ms. S. Thomas' First Graders!


We love to read!

We love to read!

Saturday Youth Arts Program!